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Building blocks

blocks Along the years we refined an effective asset of generic business components that we reuse to assemble applications. Thanks to this we need about 74% less code and time, when compared to traditional development.

Not just speed

Speed is not the only benefit. The more we reuse components, the more they get complete and versatile. New features, when added to a component, can be released with new versions of all application. This is the principle of reusability.

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Pay as you go

No investment, no setup fees. You pay a monthly license for the features that you actually use. Yiu can cancel any feature at any moment. As simple as that.

Hit your target

All the features you need and just the features you need. No extra burden. This results in a smooth adoption and effective usage of the application.

Be in control

Thanks to extensibility you manage your rules and policies. Simply change the rules to adapt to new policies and conditions.

Stay private

We keep absolute privacy about our projects and users. We do not even disclose our client names. Our clients communicate exclusively with their project manager that distribute work in the most possible anonymous way.


Plan the solution

We first define the context of the application in terms of business events to which the application will respond (for example a client order) and associated input/output (messages, forms, reports...)

Once the context is identified, we prioritize and schedule the different functions considering interdependencies and your time-line.

Design the application

We specify each function, so that you can verify that the application matches your needs and is adaptable in the segments subject to change.

As soon as each functional specification becomes available we send it to you for review and acceptance.

Implement each feature

Upon approval we implement each function using our component libraries and we test it against its specification.

We release the new features to you as soon as they become available.

Collect feedback

We collect feedback on actual usage of the application and we provide support whenever needed.

From gathered information we usually make, at this stage, beneficial usability improvements.


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