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We streamline the work of consultants, developers, SaaS, agencies and other tech services by automating business tasks and eliminating tedious work

Why our solutions?

Time is the most precious resource for every technology professional or service. We all would like to perform only creative activities. Unhappily, we shall also sell our services, get paid, write specs, and perform other non-tech tasks.

Many ready-made solutions exist for these activities, but they were designed for a broad audience. Project management systems, for example, address whatever kind of project, from building a home to constructing a ship, but you shall manage a human team

It is common for technology users to make certain claims against off-the-shelf applications:

  1. The user interface sucks, like spending time filling out forms while you are proficient at typing plain text.
  2. You get a lot of unneeded features that pollute the user interface.
  3. You shall obey bigot rules created for dumb users.
  4. You constantly need to import, export, and sync data.
  5. You still have manual work because you can not enforce your policy.

Our approach is to provide frameworks that are highly adaptable to your specific needs, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism to enable easy onboarding and fast results.

Our frameworks provide access to data through abstract interfaces, which enables seamless connection to your existing database and environment.

We use widely-used enterprise-level technology to ensure easy understanding and adaptability of our solutions.

Our Frameworks

Theseus: easily define requirements

Did you ever hear from your client I assumed that such a feature was implicit? To avoid those situations you shall rely on clear and concise requirements that state exactly what your solution will do. However, writing requirements is a time-consuming process. Simply define inputs and outputs in plain text files. Theseus will transform them into concise and comprehensible requirements in the form of Web (HTML) documents. Clients will appreciate the professional documentation and misunderstandings will come to an end.

Quotty: streamline the sales process

Are you tired to spending precious time to configure, price and quote your services? What about automating the process and following prospects up to approval? Theseus is a CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) designed specifically for tech projects. You can customize Quotty to meet your policies and requirements. You will produce quotes in a matter of minutes and your clients will interact with them online. In addition, you will also easily manage your prospects' portfolio.

DynaPlan: Waze for your projects

It's bound to happen: you create a flawless plan for your next project, and then, a week or two later, unexpected circumstances arise, requiring a re-planning effort. Let DynaPlan optimize your plan in seconds, considering the availability of resources, and automatically adjust to progress, issues or changes. It is like disposing of a Waze navigator that automatically adjusts the expected arrival time along the way. Simply define (text or Excel) tasks and resources, and let DynaPlan do the rest. DynaPlan is capable of learning how to calculate task effort using historical data. In addition to saving time, you will provide ongoing updates to your client.

Reven: understand your income

Do you actually know where you make money? How much profitable each project is? Which is the value of your individual clients? What are the specific services and applications that truly drive revenue? What is the margin of subscriptions? No on-the-shelves application can answer those questions since each business model is unique and needs a specific database. Reven gives you the measures to manage your business. Reven automates SQL schema generation from a business model created with a simple text editor. Reven is able to extract and consolidate information from a variety of cost and revenue sources. Reven finally renders the information that you need in data frames, using simple templates defined by you. By analyzing revenue figures and trends, you will stay in control of your business.

Crypthru: secure communications

How many documents and files do you weekly email to (or receive from) clients and partners? Did you think about the fact that many servers can easily access the data and using simple tricks like password-protected zipping is not effective? Crypthru is the simple way to securely transfer files using the widely adopted email without requiring passwords or authentication. A single command encrypts and sends a file or a whole directory. A brilliant directory unveils encrypted files that have been dropped into it. PGP military-level algorithm prevents attacks even by quantum computers. Crypthru simplifies the encryption, decoding, and sending process without requiring passwords or itself on the other end.

Chameleon: make services adaptable

"Adapt and Survive" is equally adaptable to life and services: one of the best ways to contain churn is by allowing users to adapt the service to their needs. Adaptation creates habits, and habits make switching difficult when not impossible. Chameleon eases adaptability. End-users can define their resources and rules, for example, in Excel. Then simply let Chameleon apply whatever rules the user defined. Typical applications include collection and billing systems where different policies shall be applied in each case.

Let's Talk

I'd love to hear from you if one of our solutions might apply to your needs. Our team of experts will work with you to verify the solution's viability and prepare a small prototype to validate whether it meets your specific requirements.

If you decide to proceed, we'll provide you with full support and mentoring to expand on the pilot prototype. Best of all, this service is entirely free of charge. I want to ensure you are delighted with the solution before committing to any licensing.

You will not be under any obligation. Our solutions should be able to speak for themselves, and we're confident that you'll be impressed with what we can offer.

So if you're interested in exploring how one of our solutions could benefit your organization, let's start today! Just book a first talk with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short list of frequently asked questions about our offer for your convenience.

  • How is the software deployed?

    Currently, our software is only available on-premise. You shall install it on your servers or desktop computers. If you are an individual or small business, we can deploy it on a virtual server in the cloud that is, today, relatively affordable (from $ 15/month).

  • We adopt Business Source License 1.1.

  • It depends on your specific needs and desired features. Consider $ 15-20 per user per month if you need a generic figure.

  • Absolutely. We will provide you with a demo license customized to your specific needs.


Don't hesitate to keep in touch for a free evaluation of our products or if you think we can assist you in some way.


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